CDC director pushes back on Michigan Gov. Whitmer's approach to new Covid spike

April 07, 2021, 1:24 PM

Specialists from the federal Centers for Disease Control are in Michigan to look at state prison coronavurus outbreaks and to help arrange more testing of youth sports participants, its director says at a Wednesday briefing reported on by The Detroit News.

The governor poses Tuesday at Ford Field after her first Pfizer shot. (Photo: State of Michigan)

That agency head, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, also "is pushing for stronger restrictions in Michigan to slow a spike in Covid-19 infections, such as a pause on indoor restaurant dining or tighter rules around youth sports," the paper says.

"I would advocate for sort of stronger mitigation strategies, as you know, to sort of decrease the community activity, ensure mask-wearing. And we're working closely with the state to try and work towards that," ... Walensky said about Michigan. 

This state leads the nation in new cases by population share. Pandemic-related admissions have risen at many Michigan hospitals.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 3,304 adults and 34 children were hospitalized statewide with confirmed Coivid diagnoses, a Department of Health and Human Services database shows. Another 206 adults and 10 pediatric patients were listed as "suspected" Covid victims.  

Among the confirmed-positive adult patients in hospitals, 659 were in intensive care.

Michigan's 31 state prisons have has 25,245 confirmed Covid cases and 149 deaths since March 2020 among inmates and staff, plus another 815 cases classified as "probable."  

The News adds:

Rather than imposing stricter Covid rules, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer told CNN on Tuesday that Michigan might be able to lift most remaining Covid-19 business restrictions this summer if the state's vaccination rate increases. ...

Asked to comment on Walensky's remarks, Whitmer's office said Michigan continues to have "smart" health policies in place, such as a mask mandate and capacity limits on large gatherings.

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