Aretha Franklin Estate Reaches Settlement to Pay Rest of $7.8-Million IRS Bill

March 01, 2021, 1:22 PM

Aretha Franklin in "Amazing Grace."

Aretha Franklin died in 2018, leaving behind more than $7.8 million in unpaid income taxes. As of December, the estate still owed the IRS $4.75 million. 

Brian McCollum of the Detroit Free Press reports:

Now, in a major breakthrough, Franklin’s four sons and the IRS have reached an agreement that would speed up payment of the remaining tax burden — while giving the sons an injection of money from their late mother’s fortune. At the moment, the heirs receive no money from the estate because of the IRS situation.

In a petition filed Feb. 19 in Oakland County Probate Court, the estate said the proposed arrangement includes an immediate $800,000 payment to the IRS, though the estate continues to dispute the overall balance owed. Since Franklin’s death, the estate has been steadily paying on the tax debt — and its ever-accruing interest — while formally appealing the agency’s claimed total.

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